2016 Read/Watch List

I have done a lot of reviews on the site.  I wanted to provide a place to put them all together, along with a short note about whether or not I’d recommend it, as well as a link to the longer article (when there is one).

As a note about the ratings.  I’ve decided to use only whole numbers from 1-10, because, really, what’s the difference between a 9.3 and a 9.4?  The end result is that not all 9s will be created equal, but they’ll be in a similar tier.  I’m also going to be very, very reserved about giving 10s.



Gentleman Bastards 1-3: Highly recommend, 9/10.

The Black Prism: Highly recommend, 8/10

The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao: Highly recommend, 8/10

Moonwalking with Einstein: Highly recommend, 9/10



Sicario: Highly recommend, 9/10

Star Wars Force Awakens: Highly recommend, 8/10


TV Shows

The Expanse: Recommend, 7/10

Into the Badlands: Recommend, 7/10