7 Reasons You Should Blog (even if you’re not a writer)

16821448686_7346aa4abd_zI love to write.  Obviously.

Writing a blog is a clear extension of that.  It’s almost too obvious that anyone who considers his or herself a writer should blog.  And they should, by the way.

That said, blogging can be useful for anyone, no matter their interests or areas of expertise.  Here are 7 reasons why you should give blogging a shot, whether or not you’re a writer.

1.) Write About What You Love

Is there something you obsess about?  Something you can’t stop talking and thinking about?  Is your wife/husband/mom/dad/child sick of hearing about it?

Even if they’re not sick of it, do you ever wish you had a larger audience?

Tell the world.

I love writing, and I love writing about writing.  Although there are many great reasons to start a blog, this is the most important one.  If you love your topic and have a passion for producing quality content related to it, then you are doing yourself a disservice if you’re not blogging.


2.) Build Your Brand

Unless you’re writing horribly offensive or low quality nonsense, putting yourself out into the inter webs is a great way to build your brand in your area of interest.  If you’re a writer, you can develop interest in your writing by putting some of it on display.  The benefits apply to other professions.  If you’re a farmer, then you can develop your name as a farmer.  You get the idea.

There is no reason you shouldn’t leverage the power of the internet in your favor.


3.) Make Money

Many sites out there would convince you that blogging is a yellow brick road to riches, but I’m not so certain that is true.

However, there are avenues to monetize your blog so that at least the time spent writing isn’t completely uncompensated.  Google AdSense is the easiest, but there are many others.

The journey should be its own reward.  Not the advertising revenue.  The number one reason to blog should be a love for your topic and for producing related content.  But I can empathize with the desire to earn some pocket change on the side.

If you’re interested in building a for profit website, this guy is an expert.


4.) Find or Help Like-minded People

It doesn’t matter what you’re interested in blogging about.  Someone else shares that interest, and they might find their way to your site as it grows.

Not only can you find like-minded people to develop relationships with, but there is the chance that you can help those just starting out in your field.  I am by no means a successful and established writer, but I’m proud of the fact that I sit down and write every day.  If I could help even one person make that leap, it would mean a lot to me.


5.) It’s Therapeutic

4351730264_0728bbc2a5_oWriting is cathartic.  As I wrote in my first post, Oh, The Squalor, writing is a part of me.  It is something I need to do.  Even when it is a struggle, writing inevitably proves to be among the most rewarding parts of my day.

Blogging promotes a more introspective state of mind than other types of writing, because your blog becomes a loudspeaker for your interests.  In trying to decide what to write about, I have to decide what truly moves me.  If a topic doesn’t inspire me, then I’m not going to be able to inspire others writing about it.

Whether or not you enjoy writing, you may find the blogger’s mindset helpful.


6.) Become a Better Writer

You can become a better writer just through the act of writing.  But you can become a much, much better writer by putting your work in front of other people.

Most of this site’s readers are interested in writing, so this is an obvious benefit to blogging.  However, whether or not you are a writer, you must recognize that writing is among the most valuable and marketable skills.  Most jobs require regular writing in some form, and quality work always shines.  Even if writing isn’t useful for your day job, learning to be an effective writer is essentially the process of learning to communicate clear thought, and that is a critical skill for everyone.


7.) Accountability

Blogging promotes two types of accountability.

First, when we publicize and tell others about our goals, we are more likely to follow through on them.  Whatever they are, blogging about your goals might help you see them through to completion.

Second, writing for an audience promotes accountability in your writing habits.  If you leave your audience unserved, you will lose them.  Blogging can help you develop your accountability by forcing you to serve your audience regularly.



So What About You?

Do you have a blog?  Are you thinking about starting one?  Give me a shout in the comments below!

(Disclaimer: I realize I’m opening the door for spam here.  Let me be clear: I will be ruthless about keeping Oh, The Squalor a productive place.  You can feel free to post your URL if you’re an interested and hard working person, but spam will not be tolerated.)




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