I’m Chris.  I’m a senior medical student.  I’ll be a resident doctor next year.

And I am a writer.

I’m not an author.  Yet.  You have to be published to be an author, and that remains a work in progress.

But I am a writer, because in December 2014, I started writing every day.  I have always loved reading and writing and stories, but I had never made much of this passion.  I let my self talk say I could always write later, that I was busy now.

I realized I would always be busy.  There would always be reasons not to write, and if I let them get in the way, I would never be a writer.

I knew I had to make a decision about what mattered most.

I made a rule.  I had to produce 1 page of 12 pt Times New Roman fiction writing every day, whether it was a busy day or a relaxed day, whether I wanted to write or badly wanted not to, whether I had any good ideas or had to make up garbage as I went along. Instituting this rule was one of the most transformative decisions I have ever made.  

If you’re interested in writing, I strongly recommend you think about making such a rule.

At this point, I’ve amassed a huge quantity of writing.  I keep track of the progress in my Month in Review posts, if you’re interested in checking it out.

I will continue to use this blog to document my progress, from current every day writer to – hopefully – future published author.

My main interests as a writer fall into three broad categories:

  • Fiction: Primarily fantasy and sci-fi, but I also dabble in Thrillers and even Literary Fiction
  • Non-fiction: Primarily medically related writing, such as the stories of interesting patients I’ve interacted with
  • Blogging

My ultimate goal is to publish a novel, while also producing medical articles for magazines on the side.


Oh, The Squalor

Oh, The Squalor is a site for writers.  Beyond documenting my personal progress, I want this site to be a resource for writers where we can help each other develop our craft.

I intend to regularly discuss fiction and non-fiction writing, as well as blogging.  It is my hope that this site will be interesting to others, in that it documents the growth process of a writer, rather than being the blog of an already established author.

I am also an avid reader, and I plan to regularly review books I read.  I firmly believe that great writers are great readers, and I intend to be both.

If you’re interested in my brief thoughts on books that are currently on my radar, head over to the What I’m Reading Now page.  If you have a recommendation, the best place to leave it would be in the comments section on that page.

I also love to hear from those that read this site.  If you have any feedback or are interested in guest posting or just want to say hello, head over to the Contact page and drop me a line.







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