Almost There – February in Review

I’m almost there.

I’ve almost finished my NaNo.

I mean, sure I “finished” it during November.  I wrote the requisite 50,000 words (and more) and had a complete first draft.

But, an entire section of the first draft needed to be thrown out and re-written.  And without the all consuming motivation of NaNo carrying my forward, it has taken much longer.  I’ve been plodding along at about 650 words per day, a far cry from my NaNo average of (almost) 2,500 words per day.

And it is a process that has been fraught with complications, as I’ve had to adjust and re-adjust the plot of my new section.

It isn’t all rain on this parade, though, because I rather like the story I’ve come up with.  It definitely needs work.  It needs to be adjusted and cleaned up, but the core is solid.

And, I’m almost there.

I will write the final scene of the re-written section tomorrow, and I will go back and add in a few scene pieces I have forgotten the day after.





Type                      Prior Total             This Month              New Total

Fiction                  425,838                  24,917                      449,755

Non-fiction          10,418                     0*                             10,418*

OTS Posts                                           4

Startup Drafts    0                              44                              82


I had another solid month of writing, averaging almost 860 words per day.  I continue to wish I were back in November where I could pound out 2,000 words in a day and barely notice it, but I guess that’s how big events like NaNo work.  You get to feed off of a community, and it helps you push to higher levels.  I could probably create that motivation within myself, but the “Startup Drafts” segment has taken a significant portion of my writing time up.

It’s hard to push in so many areas all at once.


Goals Met

1.) Finish with re-write of Broken NaNo Storyline: I’m close!  I’m so close!  Two days.  Maybe a third.  Gah… FAIL


Goals for March

1.) Start Editing NaNo! Not to be dramatic, but I’m actually dreading this.  I’ve edited plenty of essays or articles or stories, but they’ve all been short.  I can’t imagine how much of a pain it’s going to be editing an 80,000 worder.  Yikes!


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