Editing Woes – March in Review

I got one step closer in November

I got one step closer in November

Woah.  This Month in Review is more than a little late.


I guess I just got caught up in all that fun editing I have (not) been doing.

Since posting about how much I hate editing, I briefly got on a roll with it then almost as suddenly stopped.

Huge bummer.

On days that I edit, I have allowed myself to only produce 300 words of writing.  On days that I do not edit, I have forced myself to produce 500 words of writing.    Continue reading

Almost There – February in Review

I’m almost there.

I’ve almost finished my NaNo.

I mean, sure I “finished” it during November.  I wrote the requisite 50,000 words (and more) and had a complete first draft.

But, an entire section of the first draft needed to be thrown out and re-written.  And without the all consuming motivation of NaNo carrying my forward, it has taken much longer.  I’ve been plodding along at about 650 words per day, a far cry from my NaNo average of (almost) 2,500 words per day. Continue reading

Interviews End and Other Projects – January In Review

One step closer

I got one step closer in November

January concluded my residency interviews.  It was quite a grind towards the end, but I made it intact.

From here, I have to build my rank list to participate in the Match.  To those of you not in the medical profession, here’s how that works….  All the residency programs you interviewed at rank you and all the other students they interviewed from 1 to (let’s say) 200.  All the students rank all the programs they’ve interviewed at from 1 to (let’s say) 10.

Then, a computer takes all of these rankings from everyone in the Match and plugs them into an algorithm.  The result?

Most (but not all) students are matched to a residency program in such a way that the greatest number of people and programs are given their highest rank matches.

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Holiday Ups and Downs – December in Review

I got one step closer in November

I got one step closer in November

Is there anything you look forward to yet also dread quite like the holidays?

Get to see family?  Awesome.  But stressful.  Gift giving and receiving?  Exciting.  But a huge pain in the ass.  Time off of work/school?  No, wait.  That one’s all good.

Looking back on the holidays, I wonder why we do this to ourselves.  In the end, I had good time, but there were some serious bumps on the road.

Anyway, let’s talk about writing.

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Month In Review – November

I got one step closer in November

I got one step closer in November

November was a crazy month.  First and foremost, I beat NaNoWriMo!

That’s a heck of an accomplishment for any month.

Not only did I beat it, but I ended up with a whopping 72,472 words, almost half again the required 50,000.  This averages out to a ridiculous 2,418 words per day.

That knocks my prior daily productivity out of the park.  As I calculated during October’s Review, my daily average for the past year has been around 860 words per day.

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Month in Review – October


The light at the end of the tunnel. Got to get there one step at a time.

October was a big month for me!

First, and most relevant to this site, I launched Oh The Squalor.

I can’t begin to describe how excited I am about this project.  I hope to use this blog as a platform to connect with other writers.

I want this to serve as an outlet for us to share our mutual love for the craft of writing while also allowing us to pool together practical strategies for approaching writing and life as a writer. Continue reading