Editing Woes – March in Review

I got one step closer in November

I got one step closer in November

Woah.  This Month in Review is more than a little late.


I guess I just got caught up in all that fun editing I have (not) been doing.

Since posting about how much I hate editing, I briefly got on a roll with it then almost as suddenly stopped.

Huge bummer.

On days that I edit, I have allowed myself to only produce 300 words of writing.  On days that I do not edit, I have forced myself to produce 500 words of writing.   

The odd thing is how aimless my writing has felt of late.

I haven’t allowed myself to work on a major project, so I’ve been working on… well… whatever comes into my mind on a given day.  Compared to the last year of writing, it feels weird.

I’ve engaged on a handful of things from scenes to potential short stories to flash fiction type pieces.  A few were even character studies.  I have yet to build much enthusiasm for any of these.

Unfortunately, my difficulties with editing seem to be carrying over to my difficulties with writing.  About the only writing projects I have any enthusiasm for are my next novel idea and yet another novel idea I accidentally stumbled into.

Yeah.  I know.

I should finish this damn novel before I start writing a gajillion more, but the creative part of my brain balks at this idea.


Progress Report

I didn’t keep track of my metrics this month.  I’ve written so many short pieces in so many places, and I forgot to even keep track of what came before and after April 1st.

So this months metrics will be a little different and will be called a “Progress Report.”  I might continue this into the future.  I’m not sure that exact words counts are all that important or tell anyone anything essential.

Did I Write Every Day?  PASS – estimated at ~500 words/day

Did I Edit Every Day? FAIL

Did I Produce Non-Fiction Every Day?  PASS

Editing Progress? %10.5 First Pass Edited 

The one metric I actually followed is the percentage of my NaNo that has seen a first pass of editing.

10% is not a bad number.  You know, it “sounds” good.  However, it’s made weaker by the fact that I’ve been at this for well over a month.  At this rate it’s going to take over a year to get through the first pass, and I am already positive it’s going to need at least another pass… and beta readers… and probably another pass after that.

So, I have to pick up the pace.


March Goals in Review

1.) Start Editing NaNo!  – Sure… I guess I get a pass on this.  I started.  This might be a case study for how to not set effective goals.  They say an effective goal has a clear end date (mine did!) but also a clear objective measure of success.  Mine did not.  I probably should’ve set a goal of ~50k words or something.  PASS


April Goal

1.) Edit NaNo to 30,000 Words!  Boom.  A more effective goal.  Note that since this post is going up in mid-April, I’ll have less time to meet that goal than for a normal month.  Thus I have set myself with the less than ambitious target of 30k words.

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