Fun Fact: I Hate Editing!

frustrationI had just slogged through editing my novel – the one I’ve been talking about for a while – for… an undefined period of time.

I reached a point in a scene where the scenery and feel changed.

It felt like a natural stopping point, so I decided to call it a day on the editing front. I’d been at it a while.  I felt good about what I’d done.  I knew that I must’ve gotten through quite a bit.

I highlighted the section I had edited to measure the word count.

528 words.


It’s like I had done nothing at all, and it felt like pulling teeth.

So here’s a fun fact: I hate editing.

Not only that, but my pace is abysmal.  Since starting the editing process over two weeks ago, I have accomplished little.  I haven’t managed to create a system where I edit every day, and, thus far, I’ve only edited ~4,700 words.

My novel is currently sitting at ~92,000 words.

At a rate of 500 words edited per day, it’ll take me about 184 days to edit my novel.

That’s just the first pass.  I’m sure a second will be required.

This is not a strong start.


Still Writing

While editing has been sucking the life out of me, writing has continued to be fun.

As I posted earlier, I have continued to write, because I want to continue to exercise the fiction production muscle.

Of course, writing has provided a perfect excuse to procrastinate about editing.  As it turns out, I love to create far more than I like to refine what I have created.

A few days ago, a new character and idea came to me in a flash, and I’ve already plugged out ~4,000 words on it.  Over the course of 3 days.  And I have all the enthusiasm in the world for continuing to develop the idea.

Which would be disastrous for my editing process.


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