hiatus-hamockI had lofty ideals when I started Oh The Squalor.

As a writer, I wanted to connect with other writers, tell my story and have the opportunity to hear theirs.

The problem is that… well… it’s not that easy.  There are countless forums and other areas to connect with writers, and one man’s blog just isn’t the ideal platform.  Writer blogs are much better suited as outreach platforms from established writers that need to connect with their audience, or as opportunities for writers to provide writing tips.

As much as I might feel competent offering tips on how to write every day within a busy schedule, my area of expertise ends right about there.  I am still learning this writing thing, and I don’t mean that in a “always a student of the craft” way.  I mean… like… I’m literally still trying to get a first pass edit done of my first novel, which is probably over a year from completion with huge question marks looming in its future from a publication standpoint.

I think my greatest impact factor for the time being is going to come from putting in the tough hours editing my book and turning it into a great manuscript.  Maybe once I’ve achieved some success there, I’ll have a better opportunity to connect with and grow with other writers.

But in the meantime, I don’t think this blog is doing much for anyone serving as almost a “journal” of my writing progress.  I think it would be best if I devoted those hours to getting the work done.

I’ll be back one day.

Hopefully with good news.




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