Interviews End and Other Projects – January In Review

One step closer

I got one step closer in November

January concluded my residency interviews.  It was quite a grind towards the end, but I made it intact.

From here, I have to build my rank list to participate in the Match.  To those of you not in the medical profession, here’s how that works….  All the residency programs you interviewed at rank you and all the other students they interviewed from 1 to (let’s say) 200.  All the students rank all the programs they’ve interviewed at from 1 to (let’s say) 10.

Then, a computer takes all of these rankings from everyone in the Match and plugs them into an algorithm.  The result?

Most (but not all) students are matched to a residency program in such a way that the greatest number of people and programs are given their highest rank matches.

So… beyond deciding the order in which I rank my ten programs, I have remarkably little say in where I’m going to be spending the next 5 years.  It could be anywhere from the East Coast to the West Coast and anywhere in between.

Interesting, no?


The Writing

Anyway, this was an okay month of writing for me.  I relaxed my daily fiction writing goal to 500 words per day, but I added in a new goal of 250 non-fiction words per day.  I’m involved in a startup that needs to produce heavy amounts of written content that is right up my alley.  I’ve devoted those daily 250 words to this endeavor, and, as you can see, it has cut into my OTS writing a little bit.

I have also written less on OTS, because I’ve been trying to decide what direction I want to take this blog.  I love the concept of posting updates of my writing progress online.  I think it promotes accountability.  Also, when I’m (hopefully) a published author one day, I like the idea that aspiring writers will be able to look at the struggles I experienced along the way and feel inspired themselves.

Noble, right?

But I’m not sure exactly what kind of content I want to put on here otherwise.

I will continue to think about this.



Type                      Prior Total             This Month              New Total

Fiction                  399,986                  25,852                      425,838

Non-fiction          10,418                     0*                             10,418*

OTS Posts                                           4

Startup Drafts    0                              38                              38


I maintained a solid if unspectacular rate of fiction production, writing ~833 words per day, which is right around my long term average.  I’m proud of the fact that my goal was 500 per day, but I, in aggregate, did over half again as much every day.  The truth is, however, the extra work cape in a couple large lumps.  Most days I logged right between 500-550 words.

I’m deeply frustrated with my stories.  I think these thoughts deserve their own post.  I completely ran out of steam on that new character I was so excited about in last month’s review.  I kept trying to force it, even without any good ideas coming.  Which pretty much sucked, because now I’m going to have to delete a ton of stuff I wrote that serves no purpose.

In the end, I set him down.  I will come back to him later.

I starred the non-fiction, because I significant portion of my “Startup Drafts” relates to my non-fiction writing.  I think these categories are almost at a cross with each other.


Some Awesome News

So there is one big bright spot.  I’m saving a full update on this for another, dedicated post, so I’ll be brief here.

I reread my NaNo.

It’s good. (!)

It needs heavy work.  It needs a lot of polishing.

A lot.

And a big part of it has to be completely re-written.  I’ve already started, and I’ve got some very cool ideas for it.

Very exciting!


Goals Met

1.) Complete Character 1’s Story: last month one of my goals was to write the story for the above mentioned character that I was excited about in December.  Nope.  Didn’t happen.  Crashed and burned.  Ran out of ideas.  Couldn’t find good ones. Huge bummer.  Very annoying.  FAIL


Goal for February

1.) Finish with Re-write of Broken NaNo Storyline: without getting too far into details that are saved for a later post… I have started re-writing the broken storyline.  I’m working on it.  I’ve got great ideas, but as always, putting them into quality writing is the tough part.

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